Dispersed hiking opportunity
Visitors don't need trail guides to hike through the hundreds of miles of sagebrush flats in the area surrounding Pinedale! Pick any direction and just go. Watch for jackrabbits, fascinating anthill colonies and the occasional sagebrush gopher snake. Those interested in entomology will enjoy examining the sagebrush branches to find the many varieties of ticks that inhabit the area.
While Wyoming has been the butt of jokes for years about measuring distance by using time. For instance one might ask, "How far is it from Rock Springs to Pinedale?" People living in the city are used to hearing the answer, "About 100 miles." A Wyomingite will answer, "About an hour and a half."  
Road access to major trailheads is generally good, although visitors who experience hyperventilative anxiety attacks upon leaving paved roads to gravel may wish to bring along their inhalers and possibly a nurse. As shown in the picture above, roads are generally well marked with visible landmarks to help guide the way, ie. "take the road past the second sagebrush on the left."

Visitors participating in the newest recreation fad, "high elevation speed hiking", still need to observe the posted speed limits along trails in the wilderness area. When approaching wildlife and domestic livestock, trail users are asked to not cause them undue stress, especially in winter range areas.


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