Locals love to watch the "Town Deer" in their yards and gardens.

Nice bull The western Wyoming area is renown for the wildlife that live in the area. Elk, moose, deer, grizzly and black bear, antelope, cougar, lynx, bobcats, marmots, beaver, pine martin, snowshoe hare, harlequin ducks, and the lesser known spotted brown backed flying squirrel. Still, the wildlife you are most likely to see on your visit here is the species of bovinus americanus,  purebred livestock now making up almost 97% of the animals involved in the Green River Drift, which has nothing at all to do with the Continental Drift, which is really totally different. Are you still with us?
When encountering one of these magnificent creatures in the wild, slow your late model 4-wheel drive vehicle to a crawling speed so as not to antagonize the animal. Its horns can do great damage to front grills and arms hanging out of the window. Look directly ahead and let the creature go by down the trail. Once past, you can accelerate your vehicle, but be alert for fresh animal droppings in the roadway from whence the animal came.

For those interested in identification of road kill seen on the highway between Rock Springs and Jackson, guide books are available at local bookstores. The Jackson More indigenous wildlife you're likely to seeWildlife Museum has wonderful displays of many of the wildlife species that inhabit the area. In the winter, visitors can even take the kids out on sleigh rides on the elk refuge among the wintering elk herd. Be sure to bring your camera! They also have a K-Mart there that you won't want to miss. There's even a very small chance you might catch a glimpse of Harrison Ford about Jackson town, if he's not out shooting a movie somewhere. We've never seen him, but they say sometimes if you catch a movie he sits way in the back. You may not recognize him if he's wearing sunglasses though.


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