Volume V                          Pinedale, Wyoming                           April 1, 2005

Off-Shore Drill Rig on Fremont Lake

Drilling has begun on a new off-shore drill rig on Fremont Lake near Pinedale. Vast reserves of natural gas were discovered under the lake last summer and three rigs are planned over the next several years to tap the rich layers. Nearby resort managers have plans for pontoon boat rides over to the rigs for summer cruises. Cocktails and dinner will be served on the drill rig decks for guests to watch the spectacular sunsets. Photo by Pinedale Offline.

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White Pine Ski Area has put the finishing touches on their new "Uphill Skier Launcher". Resort managers say it is perfect for those skiers who don't want to wait in long lift lines to get back up on the hill for another run.

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